Time and Talent

We are also blessed with the time and talents donated to St. Peter’s in the form of leadership and professional expertise from our many parish volunteers.  When we give to St. Peter’s, we are confirming that this community is an important place where we live out this covenant and commitment.  Whether it is teaching in Sunday School or setting up the stage for the biennial musical or singing in the choir, our donations of time and talent are the life blood of the church.

Financial Support

You can support St. Peter’s whether you are a member or not. You can do this by bringing your weekly offering to our Sunday service or arranging to donate regularly through annual pledging. Whether making a one time gift during a church service, donating to a capital campaign (such as the building construction fund), or including St. Peter’s in your estate planning, financial support is a concrete way to putting our faith into action.  It encourages our spiritual growth and trust in God, strengthens the ministry, community outreach and service, and overall health of our congregation.

Annual Pledging

Pledging is an opportunity to give thanks to God and return a portion of the many blessings we have received with grateful and generous hearts.  When we recognize our blessings that come from the Lord, the perspective on how we should live our lives and how we should spend our money changes. Cheerful giving strengthens our church community and us all.

We ask that you prayerfully consider giving an annual pledge.  By knowing our annual pledge dollars, clergy, staff, and our vestry (or elected leaders) are better able to spend our monies wisely as good stewards.

Stewardship is about relationship. It is about our relationship with God, with one another, with our church, with our community, and with the greater world. Good stewardship is the careful and responsible management of these gifts, which support the mission and vision of St. Peter’s.

It is important to remember that St. Peter’s receives no financial support from the diocese. We are self-funded every year.

For More Information on Pledging

Click here to submit a pledge, or ask a question about pledging to St. Peter’s. You are also welcome to contact the church office directly.