Confirmation (youth)

At St. Peter’s, we reserve 8th grade as the confirmation year for youth. The Sunday School class is geared toward confirmation for the entire year. Confirmation is a time when the youth take on the promises made for them at their baptism in front of the bishop, who then lays hands on each confirmand. Our goal is to create a Christian community so the youth learn what is it like to be part of such a community. They study the Bible and the Episcopal Church and its liturgy. The class participates in a service project and each student participates in worship leadership in some way (e.g., acolyte, reader, usher or choir). The purpose of the class is to provide the student with enough information and experience that he/she can decide whether or not to be confirmed. We have observed the students in the class become very connected throughout the course of the year as they engage actively in the community the class forms.

Confirmation (adult)

Adults who wish to make a mature commitment to the Christian faith within the Episcopal Church may wish to be confirmed by the Bishop.  Confirmation is a sacramental rite of the church in which Christians “express a mature commitment to Christ and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop” (The Book of Common Prayer, p. 860).  The candidate for Confirmation needs either to have been previously baptized in the name of the Trinity or be baptized at the same time as his or her confirmation.  Adult preparation and education prior to Confirmation by the bishop is provided with the structure of the Sunday Morning Adult Forums during which, at various times throughout the year Adult Christian education and formation is provided in such topics as the Holy Scriptures, the faith of the Church, the structure and governance of the church, Christian discipleship, ethics and moral theology, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines that further and enrich one’s Christian life.  If you are interested in being confirmed in the Episcopal Church, please speak to one of the clergy so that they can work with you to prepare you for your Confirmation or click here to contact us via email.