Parish Activities

For more information on each St. Peter’s activity, please contact the office at 703-536-6606.

Care Team-Pastoral Care

The Care Team does just that—they provide pastoral care to parishioners and others in need. (More information here.)

Stewardship Campaign

St. Peter’s has set forth robust programs for enriching parishioners spiritual experience, both inside and outside the walls of St. Peter’s.  With multiple avenues for every age group, the stewardship model is structured to not only sustain existing programs, but support those programs that evolve organically out of an active and vibrant parish.  With God’s grace and the generosity of nearly every St. Peter’s congregant, we are truly sent out to serve with joy (and the financial backing to be successful!). 

Shrine Mont

Every year as spring endeavors to break through the winter chill, St. Peter’s parishioners head to the hills—literally—to Orkney Springs, Virginia in the gorgeous Shenandoah Mountains.  It is a weekend of fun, fellowship, worship and a chance to get back in touch with nature in all its glory.  Shrine Mont is a HIGHLIGHT of St. Peter’s church life and we encourage all ages to attend.  Save the date for 2019: April 26-28!

Christmas Pageant

Every year, St. Peter’s tells the story of Jesus Christ’s birthday in unique and awe-inspiring ways.  All of the Sunday School classes are engaged in the performance and with the help of their incredibly talented teachers, the pageant never fails to enrich, enlighten and DELIGHT the audience.  Click on this excerpt from Christmas, 2016…

The sight of the star filled them with gladness…

Rebuilding Together

It used to be called “Christmas in April,” but no matter what time of year, St. Peter’s and Rebuilding Together put their missions to work, bringing fresh paint and a fresh outlook to wonderful and deserving Arlingtonians.  Click on the slide show to see how we are called together in Christ and sent out to serve.


In 2018, St. Peter’s held its first U2charist, a delightful and spiritually-filled evening of singing and dancing in fellowship for a great cause. For more information please click here.