Worship Ministries

The AV crew runs the sound for services and live-streams our services on YouTube.

Youth and adults offer their talents to our worship services by serving as acolytes, Altar Guild and Flower Guild members, greeters, Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Lay Eucharistic Visitors, lay readers, musicians and choirs, ushers and vergers. Training is provided as needed. New members welcome!

Acolytes:  Youth in the 4th grade or above assist the priest during the service and lead the processions into and out of the church carrying the crosses, torches, and Gospel book. 

The work of the Altar and Flower Guilds is on display at every service.

Altar Guild: Members care for the items used during worship services at the church—wine, wafers, service books, silver vessels, linens, and vestments. Altar Guild sets up the altar before each service and cleans up afterwards. Some preparations are done on Saturdays.

Audio Visual Crew: The Audio-Visual crew runs the sound for in-person worship and streams the services to St. Peter’s YouTube page. They also assist the musicians with recording and manage the A/V for special events such our outdoor movies, pageants, musicals, and U2charists.

Flower Guild: The Flower Guild arranges the flowers for the church and chapel for each Sunday and decorates the church for special services such as Christmas and Easter. They also provide flowers for receptions.

Flowers on the windowsills decorate the church at Easter

Greeters.  Greeters welcome people as they enter the church through the front door.  They also help direct newcomers to where they need to go – the nursery, the Nave, the Parish Hall, the restrooms, etc.  Greeters are often the first people visitors to the church encounter, so theirs is an important ministry within the church. 

Lay Eucharistic Ministers are trained and licensed to administer the consecrated wine during Holy Communion.  They also lead the congregation in prayers during the service.  Lay Eucharistic Ministers must be 16 years of age or older.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors are trained and licensed to take the consecrated elements of Holy Communion and administer them to parishioners who are homebound or in the hospital. 

Lay Readers read the Old Testament and Epistle lessons and lead the reading of the Psalms during worship services.

Music is an integral part of our service.  See the Music page for information on music and choirs at St. Peter’s.  The Music Program also sponsors a series of concerts during the year. 

Ushers. Ushers provide information, help, and service bulletins to those entering the church. They bring forward the elements for the Eucharist, collect the alms, and guide the flow of the congregation to the altar rail during Communion. 

Vergers. Vergers assist the clergy by ensuring that all is in order for the beginning of each service. They organize and direct those processing into church.